Docs, Info & Downloads

In this section you will find additional information relating to the Club.  This includes Membership Forms and all the policies we have in place to help run the club.  If you have any suggestions on what else we could put in this section feel free to email us at chairman@cramlingtonunitedfc.co.uk


CUFC001      Charity Constitution
CUFC005 Codes of Conduct
CUFC006 Equality Policy
CUFC008 Child Protection Policy
CUFC009 Anti-Bullying Policy
CUFC012 Privacy Policy
CUFC014 Standing Order / Banking Form
CUFC015 Player Registration Form
CUFC020 Accident Form / Injury Report
CUFC021a RA - Covid-19
CUFC022a MEAP - Northburn Sports Centre
CUFC022b MEAP - Cramlington Sporting Club
CUFC022c MEAP - Eastfield Playing Fields
CUFC022d MEAP - Hillcrest School
CUFC022e MEAP - Burnside School
CUFC022f MEAP - Alexandra Park
CUFC023 NHS QR Codes for CUFC Sites
CUFC026 Female Football Strategy
CUFC027 Female Section Philosophy